My Life House-(Wishes & Limitations)

Mom Says:I was the Biggest Thing on the earth in Human Species  in Real.
She Say's I was Last born Bigger that Normal Delivery Child and Healthy. It is True or Lies I Don;nt Know Till Now. I Wish TO Say.That why Write It  Here.She,Say's She have Seven of Them,Four were Aborted and One of Four with Medically.

"Ram" is the Name Which Called it from Pure Heart. I Will Fallen For All Wishes With That Old Fashion Tune Which All Like it in Their Own Way Example: Inspiring Tune of Living Tune Lionel Richie-"Angel"And Sound with that above name.

 "August's Rhapsody" By August Rush,Gods Speaks Through Music
 All You Listen Round U

Terminator 2:Judgment Day Soundtrack always liven in my Dream.
With All that burning thing  Reaches to Burning  Metal Skull
Like it was my Past,Future and Present Seen in those burning 
Metal Diffusing Red Eye.Its like Honor to Die with them(Do or Die) 

I m a Sensitive person if some one try me
Not so speak directly but indirectly i say so much that they have to understand me is as that simple like SIGN.. Maybe Late, I will GET IT.
Always people says before speak think 10 times.and i say i had no ten head to think like you..
No friends from childhood atall leave one but not much talk able so u can know that i m alone living personality.. So, My Request is that NO ONE SHOULD LEFT ALONE.

Sing dance little bit make Self Happy Only if it from your Heart (Ment too/Justice too).. 
Listen all kind of songs & movies.

I Love Express love song that Sing with an Heart.
I Love that Music Which Made Your Heart Believe.
Because, I am a Animator - I am Kind of Dreamer 
Apologies, To Those Who Doesn't Understand Me
For Them I Love Being Simple Person Guy..

Truth Above me Once Childhood day I was Married (Indirectly) 
to a Plant "Tulsi" Called Ocimum tenuiflorum. Marry Once
I didn't want to wish to marry again as I never want to marry

Request:When i Die this would my song 
Jurassic Park Theme Song - Most Popular Version
With Roar of Last Extinct Species,It would be Like My Extinction Too...

    All kind of Gaming stuff even in that i 'm not capable of doing it.
Bragging rights Experience all Kind of Happiness ,Narrowness & Saw-row ness

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